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About Broadridge

Broadridge SFT Submission Service

Quicker Security Finance Transaction (SFT) clearing and trade matching

Select Broadridge as your approved trade submitter to create capital efficiencies, reduce risks and grow your business through central clearing.

Broadridge SFT Submission Service

Create more capital to reinvest in expanding and enhancing your business by reviewing the benefits of the Central Counterparty (CCP) model.

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Settlement balanced daily against new activity
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Risk reduced by pre-matching the trade before settlement
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Straight Through Processing (STP) in real-time between Broadridge and DTCC
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Simple connectivity to existing applications
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Low cost of submission
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Standard or custom API


  • Both Lenders and Borrowers will submit to a shared agreed Submitter Matching
  • The Approved Submitter will check details and match or post breaks via messaging back to senders or visualize on screen Submit to NSCC
  • Matched trades will be sent to NSCC/ DTCC for Locked In Submission Status
  • Approved Trade Submitter will publish the submission status back to the Borrower and Lender

Darren Crowther, General Manager at Broadridge discusses becoming an Approved SFT Submitter

Listen to Darren discussing how Broadridge are supporting DTCC in this opportunity and the stages required through build and testing to prepare for the launch later in 2021.

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