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Power up your targeted marketing with deep customer segmentation and an intuitive platform.

Unrivaled investor data and analytics

Our data works with yours

Running your data through our segmentation models for insights on your investors is easy.

Segmentation data that’s always fresh

13 investor personas estimate total liquid investable assets and product preferences.

Analytics that mean business

Market segmentation and opportunity gap analyses let you identify and target top investors with an effective client treatment plan.

Benefit from a single, intuitive platform

InvestorView aggregates data across sources and makes it easy to uncover powerful activity drivers.

Unparalleled data analytics

  • Identify investors with the most investment potential. 
  • Code client and prospect records and run analyses on demand.
  • An intuitive interface that facilitates analyses of investor financial capacity.
  • Direct-measured investor data from over 800 contributing industry sources

Strategic investor intelligence

  • Match your existing customer and prospect lists against our models.
  • Intuitive visualizations of individual and market profiles make it simple.
  • Target the right investor with the right product.

Industry-leading market segmentation

  • 13 distinct investor personas, categorized by life stage, investable assets and geography.
  • Snapshot view of your book of business, uncovering new opportunities.
  • Identify household wallet share and assets held away.
Learn how InvestorView can help you boost your marketing efforts.

Learn how InvestorView can help you boost your marketing efforts.

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