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Investor Intelligence

Discover new ways to expand your funds’ market share.

Zero in on market opportunities

Gain deep insight into investor product needs

Segment investors by 13 distinct life stages, geography and Morningstar categories.

Deepen your advisor relationships

Help wholesalers improve advisor engagement with rich profiles of your investor base and use cases for your funds.

Optimize your direct-to-consumer marketing

Identify and target investors who could be using your funds to meet their investment goals.

Leverage a turnkey, single-platform solution

Investor Intelligence provides the perspectives you need to capture greater market share for your funds

  • Gain the freshest insights available
  • Prioritize investors best aligned with your funds
  • Align the right product message to the right investor

Confidently target investors with market-segmentation data only Broadridge can provide

  • Direct measured from tens of millions of investor accounts
  • Drawn from 800 industry contributing data sources
  • Continuously updated for optimal timeliness
  • Infused with lifestyle demographic insights
  • Reflecting a wide range of securities owned
Learn how Investor Intelligence can help you grow market share.

Learn how Investor Intelligence can help you grow market share.

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