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Global Market Intelligence

The authoritative source for tracking global retail and institutional assets and flows

“This powerful fund market analytics platform can help you navigate the challenges of transformational shifts in investors’ product preferences.”
Stephanie Clarke
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Greater insight for better decision-making


Robust market sizing and segmentation is driven by full coverage of traditional alternative vehicles and all countries, including products sold via international fund centers.


Benchmark your market share, rankings and product attributes among select peer groups within GMI’s $100T coverage universe.


GMI leverages proprietary taxonomies to standardize tracking of relevant investment strategy features, harmonizing retail, institutional and global datasets without sacrificing default regional and market-specific taxonomies including Morningstar Categories, Lipper Classification and more.


Enhance strategic distribution initiatives by tracking allocation trends within key distribution channels and client types. Unique distribution channel data enables measurement of specific trends and opportunities across retail and institutional channels, and by named sub-advised fund sponsors and investment consultants.