Steps of registration:

-          In order to respond to the adverts on the site as a private person you have to fill in your name and email address. You also have to
           accept our Terms and Conditions and answer the spam filter question.
-          If you want to respond to the adverts on the site as a company you have to fill in the name of the company and email address. You
           also have to accept our Terms and Conditions and answer the spam filter question.
-          Finalize your registration by clicking on the registration button.
-          After clicking the button you will receive an email to the address you have provided with a link and a password that you can use to
           log in into our system.
-          If you want to change your password you can do so by either:

    • Clicking on the link in the confirmation email you can change your password by providing the password in the email
    • If you log in using the password in the confirmation email you can change your password by clicking the name you have provided at the top bar of the website.
Post advert If you want to post an advert as a private person than you have to provide the following information:
- Name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Billing address
If you want to post your advert as a company:
- Company name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Billing address
- Tax number or Company registry number

Before posting your advert please read our Terms and Conditions carefully because if you violate a rule our moderators will delete your advert immediately. Also since our site operate with an own message sending system please don't write your email address or phone number in the advert description! This way we can protect you from spam, frauds and other undesirable people contacting you. If you still provide contact information in your description our moderators will edit your advert as per the Terms and Conditions. We will notify you via email if we edit or delete your advert.

To post an advert click on the "Post advert" button.

Steps of posting an advert

1.     Choose the type of your advert from the scroll down menu (i.e.: Looking for investor, Real estate) and the appropriate business sector (i.e.: Energy, Healthcare), and your estimated yearly return. Type and Business sector are required and while yearly return is not it is advised for better efficiency. After you chose choose a subscription package. You can specify if you want a highlighted or basic advert. If you choose highlighted your advert will show up at the first place of every category and your advert will be more efficient. You can choose between 30, 60 or 90 days. The next step will only be available if you choose a subscription.

Please describe your business offer. For region choose the region your offer is based on, if it is independent of location then choose "All region". Choose a value limit based on what value your business offer operates on. The advert title will be the text that will appear on the main page and in the lists of adverts. For example: "Looking for partner for my invention in the energy industry" or "Looking for investor to expand  my successful London CafĂ© house". Please note that the title can't be longer than 70 characters. In the description please describe your business proposition in detail. The description can't be longer than 2000 characters.

You can choose to post your advert in our international partner sites for 20% of your original country's price. This way your advert will become international and you can reach more potential investors through the partner sites or investor-partner.co.uk
To post your advert in other countries:
a.       Choose the country in the scroll down menu.
b.       When you choose a new country you have to fill in the title and description  again.
c.        If you can't translate your business offer we would like to offer you our   translating partners. LINK
d.        When adding a new country the type and business sector of the advert   cannot be changed. Region will be automatically be
           “from other country”.
e.        You can only add a new country one by one!

4.      Finalize your advert/business offer. Upload an image or images to your advert which will appear on the main page in a square for the advert. Uploading images will multiply the chances of people clicking on your advert and will make it more spectacular. If the image you upload does not meet the size parameters for the images that appear on the main page our automatic editing tool will focus the centre of the image and optimize the size.

5.      Choose a method of payment! On the right side of the page you can view the price of the advert. You have multiple ways to pay for your advert. - Paypal - If you use PayPal you can pay via your PayPal account or with a credit card. If you pay by these methods your advert will be automatically activated. - Transfer - After posting your advert we will send you a code that you have to use in the comment section of the transfer. Please keep in mind that bank transfers may take time especially internationally. After receiving your payment we will activate your advert in 48 hours.
We will notify you by an email about the activation.
You can post your advert by clicking Post Advert.

In the next page you can view your advert and a list of countries where the advert appears or will appear after activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. What should I do?

In the login page you can choose "forgotten password". If you type in your email address and if that address is registered on our site we will send you a new password.

I registered but I haven't received an email. What should I do?

First of all check your spam folder maybe the confirmation email was transferred there. Also some email providers may take hours to receive the confirmation email. If you still haven't received the email and it is not in your spam folder try to register again or write to our tech support team.

What should I do if my personal information have changed?

If you log in you can change your personal information by clicking your name on the top bar.

Can I change my user name?

Yes, see the previous question.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, see the previous question.

How can I delete my profile completely?

If you are sure that you want to delete your profile you can contact the website supervisors through the contact menu.

The goal in my advert has been successfully achieved but my subscription hasn't ended, what should I do?

In this case you should click the "Advert realized" button at the page of your advert. Your advert will not be removed but it will be noted that it was successful. This way you will not be contacted about your advert anymore.

What should I do if my advert hasn't been realized?

In this case use the "My goal had not been realized yet" button to activate your advert again which will appear until originally chosen end date.
Interested parties can react again on your advert

What is the guarantee that the adverts posted contain real business offers?

Since the poster pays money to post an advert and because they fill in personal information the poster is interested to post adverts that contain real offers.

Does investor-partner.co.uk handle money transactions between the advert poster and other parties?

Investor-partner.co.uk provides the capability for businessmen to post adverts and ensures that they appear both domestically and internationally. Through this domestic and international partner finder website the parties contact each other. After that the parties handle their business independent of investor-partner.co.uk. Investor-partner.co.uk does not require any extra payment after successful business transactions.

Can I edit my advert description?

Yes. At My adverts you can select the advert you want to edit. After selecting your advert every information will appear and you will be able to edit it in every country you posted it. After making the edit you can save your advert by clicking "Save advert".

I can't see my or any adverts on the page.

Different browser extensions may affect the website. If you have extensions installed on your browser deactivate them and if you still experience this problem then contact our website supervisor.

What's the difference between paying via PayPal or transferring the money directly to the bank account?

The website can automatically activate your advert if you pay via PayPal, if you choose transfer our moderators will activate the advert after receiving the payment.

I want to find business partners internationally but I can't translate my offer.

When you post your advert on our site you can use our professional translation application to translate your offer (you can read about it in the "Steps of posting adverts" section). If you don't want to use it we can offer you our partners: LINK

In the list of advert types what does "Looking for consortium partner" means?

Our website gives the opportunity for R&D focused posters to look for international consortium partners to help them realize their projects. This method is useful to those who doesn't want to find venture capitalists but would like to get funded by the Horizon 2020 EU funding. You can read more about H2020 in our business dictionary and on the official webpage: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/home.html

What is a highlighted advert?

People browsing between our adverts will see highlighted adverts first.
Highlighted adverts will appear at the first place of every category and the main page. This way users will find your advert faster and more easily -You have the chance to make your advert different -And this will mean more search hits for your advert!

Do you guarantee that my advert will appear on investor-partner.co.uk and on other international partner sites?

If you pay the price of an advert to investor-partner.co.uk an online contract is established that obligates us to activate your advert in 48 hours (workdays).

Where can I post my advert?

Currently we offer to post your advert in these countries: [LIST OF COUNTRIES] We have representatives in each country.

I would like to post my advert to foreign countries but I can't translate it.

We can offer you help in this respect. We can offer you a translation office. If you want to use them click this link. LINK Please note! Your dealings with the translation office involving payments are independent of investor-partner.us. Our involvement is limited to offering you an option to make your advert posting easier.

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