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About Broadridge

Powering the future of global trading and operations

We equip our clients with the agility to grow, delivering simplification and innovation across the trade lifecycle. Our global, multi-asset class solutions drive revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency, and reduce risk across the front, middle, and back office.

Global multi-asset class solutions, across the trade lifecycle

Our priority is to enable our clients to achieve trading and operational transformation and simplification through modular, real-time, multi-asset, front-to-back solutions.

Front Office

Our high performance, cross asset trading and connectivity solutions empower users to seize market opportunities faster and work smarter with automated workflows. 

Global Order Management

Multi-asset trading platform: sophisticated automation and rich workflow functionality supporting high and low touch trading

Principal Risk Trading & Market Making

Highly automated, high-performance trading with the ability to scale across asset classes (inc. Options and ETFs) and geographies

Order Routing Network

Rely on NYFIX – one of the largest and most established FIX order routing networks

FIX Solutions

Industry leading FIX engine technology and services that integrate seamlessly into any technology environment

Corporate Bond Trading Venue

Trade smarter on our AI-driven bond trading platform - LTX

Middle Office

Simplify and streamline the trade lifecycle across asset classes and regions with a centralized middle office solution. 

Allocation and Matching 

Real-time, multi-asset trade matching via a single point of access for the buyside 

Middle Office Technology 

 Centralized middle office solution for streamlining the trade lifecycle across asset classes and regions  

Back Office

Simplify your operations and streamline post-trade functions across asset classes and global markets with our best in class post trade solutions. 

Post-Trade Processing 

One unified platform to transform your entire approach to global, multi-asset class post-trade processing  

Post-Trade Lifecycle Management 

 GenAI and LLM powered application to provide operations teams real-time visibility for faster fails resolution 

Asset Servicing 

Cloud enabled solution for corporate actions processing improves your operational efficiency and accuracy, while reducing risk

Cash Management 

Empowering cash managers with real-time, intraday cash flows to transform FX and liquidity management  

Finance and Accounting 

Unite critical finance and accounting processes on one platform to drive growth, manage risks, and control costs 

Enterprise Solutions

Achieve operational advantage, performance transparency, and financial benefits. All while managing risk and compliance with innovative technology and operations outsourcing.

Regulatory Trade and Transaction Reporting

Seamless and comprehensive regulatory reporting across Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II, CAT, SFTR, and 10C-1

Securities Finance and Collateral Management

Optimize inventory, enhance trading opportunities and reduce costs with front- to back-office functionality

Distributed Ledger Repo Management

Leverage DLT to increase liquidity and collateral mobility, enhance efficiency, and reduce counterparty risk


Front to back support for the fully paid lending lifecycle

Reconciliation and Matching

A holistic cloud-based reconciliation and matching solution – for simple and complex recs

Managed Services

Optimize operating model with financial services business process outsourcing (BPO)

Reference Data Management

All pricing and reference data management under one roof

Commission/ Interest/ Fee Management and Fee Billing

An automated platform to support your billing and trade expense management

Swift Services

Achieve seamless automation from a global SWIFT services leader

Watch how Broadridge can help you

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Video Transcript

Speaker 1 [00:00:01] Trading across global markets is more complex than ever. Broadridge Capital Markets powers the future of global trading and operations. To equip our clients with the agility to grow.

Speaker 2 [00:00:13] We provide global multi-asset class modular solutions that drive revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk across the front, middle and back office.

Speaker 1 [00:00:24] In the front office. Clients rely on the stability, speed and functionality of our trading solutions like our global OEMs, bricks for market making and knife order routing. Connecting 2200 buy and sell side clients.

Speaker 2 [00:00:38] In the middle and back office. We are automating processes to increase efficiency from trade allocation and matching, to clearing and settlement and finance and accounting. Helping clients prepare for a shortened settlement environment.

Speaker 1 [00:00:50] Our common data architecture unlocks the power of AI and connects and simplifies the entire trade lifecycle, letting you move with real time visibility and intelligence front to back, reducing total cost of ownership 20 to 30%.

Speaker 2 [00:01:04] We are using generative AI solutions to enhance liquidity discovery, surface actionable insights, and accelerate settlement sales resolution in real time. And we are transforming the global repo market using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to save firms millions every month.

Speaker 1 [00:01:22] With a team of 15,000 strong serving clients across more than 100 countries and trusted to settle $10 trillion in trades daily. Broadridge stands for trust, stability and innovation across the Trade lifecycle.

Speaker 2 [00:01:35] Broadridge Capital Markets, powering the future of global trading and operations.

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