Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Are you looking for an investor partner or a business offer on the internet? You’re not alone, dozens of entrepreneurs like you are trying to find a partner every day and countless investors are trying to invest their money, business or idea into a project to realize their plan.

You have competitors on the market. However your situation is not hopeless because a lot of adverts are poorly written, consist of only a few lines or vague. You on the other hand could have an advantage if you upload a well written advert which differs from the others. If you write and place your advert well then people will find you through your adverts and your chance of realizing your advert will increase.  

Find sites where you can find investor partners or business opportunities. Create a list and register!

When you write your advert try to take the perspective of your future business partner. The goal is not to boast about your project, your company or your person but to describe why your offer is advantageous for an investor or for your future partner. What advantage can they gain if they join into your business with capita or become the partner in your enterprise or buy your material or intellectual product.

The goal of a title is to raise the attention of users and guide them towards your advert. Have it refer to the content: for what do you need a business partner. Avoid titles that communicate nothing: „Looking for investor or partner to realize my project”. It could be useful to formulate a question in the title or use imperative mood (call to action).

Be clear and brief. Data and facts are important, describing them are not. Do not gush about how unique or great your plan is. Your advert should be exclusively about information about your business offer and investment opportunity since that is what users of the site expect from you.

Your advert should be authentic. Avoid mistakes like „small investment, huge profit” or „immediate return of investment” etc.

Avoid grammatical errors!

Attach an image! Adverts with high quality and apposite images are more likely to be chosen. Even better if you can post actual plans and blueprints or visualizations.

It also helps realizing your idea if you upload a document detailing your business plan when posting your advert. For example if you contact a bank about financing you’ll have a much greater chance if you have a well-based business documentation or business plan.

9.       If you have uploaded an advert be available!  


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