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hollywoodhomes.us domain name ownership for sale

I no perfect in english, excluse me. Please we contact later hungarian business language. Thank you.

hollywoodhomes.us domain name ownership for sale.
Simple, clean sale and procedure. My company sells it as a 1/1 owner.

I don’t have to describe the value of the domain, it’s in its name.
Related services can also be attached to the website being developed.
Target sale price: on Sedo and Afternic it was € 5000, I am currently advertising exclusively at home, the price is now in covid term € 2000.
Monopol domain name, can be developed for real estate advertising pages, to which paid, regular advertisements of many service sectors can be attached. You can already be profitable by selling provider advertising spaces.

The niche market has opened, plenty of American-Hollywood celebrities have moved to other continents due to the covid, e.g. Also to Australia. The trend indicates, he hints, that soon many Hollywood celebrities may sell their Hollywood homes in hopes of moving to a freer, more livable place. And the home of celebrities will be dropped by snobs and fanatical, wealthy fans.
Apart from this, there is also a large real estate sector in the Hollywood region. It's worth getting the most out of it.

The website can be maintained from anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in the US. An advantage is real estate proficiency in terms of website development.
I calculate the return on investment in the first year.

I'm only looking for a buyer for this domain.
Thank you for your kind attention.

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