Post adverts to domestic markets and internationally. With the help of www.investor-partner.com, an international business partner finder website in 22 countries. Your business offer will be seen in all these countries!

What is
www.investor-partner.com ?
Investorpartner.com is a business partner searching website. The advantage of the website is it's ease of use not just on a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet but on any smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). The website aims to find business partners to those who are also looking to finish up any business plan or investment. It also aims business people who are trying to invest into new plans, ideas or investments. Business offers of 22 countries in one place. Register and upload your own offer!

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What can I advertise on
www.investor-partner.com ?
Practically everything. Your offer could be about expanding your business, investments, searching funds, creating a franchise, patenting a new technology, you can search or offer your production capacity or human resources, can sell or look for real estate, anything that you can offer or would need for a business. You can post an advert if you want to invest or can offer any tool or instrument, production capacity, human resources, practically anything for a business.

Who should advertise on
www.investor-partner.com ?
If you have or would like to offer anything that can be used for a business, for example:
· Do You have a good business idea or any patent but You don’t have the financial capital ?
· Would You buy a business instead of founding it but You don’t know which and where would be the most preferable ?
· Would You join to a franchise system but You don’t know where and which one to join ?
· Would You sell Your business but You don’t know how to find a responsible buyer, who would pay the correct price for it ?
· If You have financial problems and looking for investors or partners.
· If You have already a good business idea and also know how to make it work but need financial support.
· If You already have a plan to develop and looking for developers.
· If You make financial investments and looking for partners to support.
· If You are looking for investors for your own property.
· If You are looking for properties to invest.
· If Your business plan is almost done but need more capital to finish the plan
· If You are looking for a distributor to introduce a new product.
· If You are planning to be a distributor.
· Looking or offering production capacity
· Looking or offering human resources
If so you only have to browse at
www.investor-partner.com and the associated international partner sites from countless business offers from domestic and foreign markets. If you are interested by one of the offers only need to register to www.investor-partner.com and you can even respond to our foreign offers. This means that with one registration you can reach all of our websites.

Business partner finder website in 22 countries! It's advantage is it's ease of use and how easy it is to overview. Post your advert in any of these countries! Be the first to learn about new business offers, news and our promotions, learn about offers from you home and internationally. Join us!

There are already business advertising websites. Why is 
www.investor-partner.com different?
Just think it over: for the price of a dinner we are going to publish Your advertisement in all 22 countries for one month! You can choose to look for investors, franchise partners, business offers, companies offered to sale from the UK or to look for international investors, suppliers.
www.investor-partner.com is different because it's not just a list of companies but specific business offers, unique business plans. You can look for production capacity or human resources not just investors. Another feature is that with one registration you can post your advert in all 22 countries where your advert will be displayed with the appropriate domain-name of the country.

Currently we offer to post your advert in 22 countries: 
We have representatives in each country. Post your advert in any number of these countries at once! Adverts and business offers in one website. Post adverts internationally! Your advert could be viewed in all the selected countries. Register on
www.investor-partner.com and browse between domestic and foreign offers!

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