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Electrical Power Electronics Ip Package And Business For Sale

Intellectual Property-Design & Manufacturing Package, relocatable from Sydney, Australia.

IP BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY- Expressions of interest invited:-

This Business offers a valuable extensive IP suite of designs, drawings, laboratory, plant & knowhow to enable applied design & manufacture of proven electrical & power electronic applications relating to Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, AC static control & switching, specialised UPS & Standby/Emergency Power, Transformers, and associated apparatus & applications.

The major application of this IP Package is electrical energy conversion, storage & regeneration for industrial and commercial environments, in mid-larger size range 1kw to 250kw+.

Customer base & market is:-Heavy Industry, Power Stations, Marine, Defence, Aeronautical, Mining, Engineering, Construction, Factories, Larger Commercial installations, Alternate Energy systems and Solar applications..
The potential market for this product range is global.

The scope is broad, applying SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) technology for AC:DC & AC:AC power supplies,
controls & regulators, and IGBT (isolated gate bipolar transistor) technology for DC:AC sinewave inversion & conversion power supplies.
Applied key designs & controllers for Transformer-Rectifiers, (DC Power Supplies, Rectiformers), Battery Chargers, an advanced range of SCR Controlled Electromagnet power supplies, Sinewave Inverters, Power Frequency converters, SCR variable AC supplies, AC static transfer switching, and UPS equipment is included.
Supplementary applied designs & procedures are included for Transformers, Chokes, and incidentally Ferro-Resonant Transformers for Line-Conditioning & Constant Voltage Transformers, as well as incidental Type Tested designs for high current switchgear busbars and Switchgear/Control Gear assemblies (as Motor Control Centres).

The major items include all the controller schematic designs, printed circuit board layouts (PCBs), PCBs, microproc

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